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2014 BODEKA Faaliyet Programı için tıklayın

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Mare Nostrum Project

Louis Wilmotte & Douglas Couet set off in July 2013 from the Strait of Gibraltar and arrived to Istanbul in October 2014 by sea kayak. Throughout the Mare Nostrum Project, they aimed to raise awareness on this unique heritage, and also contribute in many ways to its protection. The Scientific Goals of the journey: Collecting Ostreopsis algae, a toxic phytoplankton in the Mediterranean, Acoustic study of the sound of habitat on the coasts: contamination by sound, Study of cetaceans in the Mediterranean.

Fundacja Promocji Rekreacji KİM


Foundation KiM of Poland and BODEKA of Turkey agreed on to establish a friendship of sea kayaking. We intend to develop intercultural exchange between members of KiM and BODEKA.

Our mutual aim is to provide an international platform of cooperation between Polish and Turkish sea kayakers. We are interested in arranging expeditions and training sessions together with a broad participation of international sea kayaking community. Members of both clubs will benefit from special discounts and offers.

Sea Kayaking Kefalonia


Sea Kayaking Kefalonia is a sea kayaking outfitter based in Kefalonia, the biggest of the Ionian islands, Greece. The founder, Pavlos Georgilas is a British Canoe Union (BCU) 5 Star, Level 4 Coach. BODEKA members joined one of his BCU 2-3 Star trainings and enjoyed the marvellous nature of the Kefalonian coasts and benefited from his coaching. kayak coach George Gazetas (BCU Level 2 Coach WE for Sea Kayak), will be in Istanbul 23 October-3 November 2014 for BCU 3 Star trainings for BODEKA kayakers.