About Us


BODEKA is an amateur sports club and we are a bunch of enthusiastic and sporty professionals living in Istanbul.

Istanbul is such a great city to live. The only city spread over two continents, Europe and Asia, separated by the Bosphorus where the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea unite.

Watching the beauty of the Bosphorus by land was not enough for us. We had to find a way to integrate the Bosphorus more into our lives. An energetic way, outdoors, fun and yet challenging! Seakayaking may not be among the popular sports in our country but surely is one of the best to have fun while spending time in this amazingly beautiful geography and with wonderful people.

This is why we founded our club, BODEKA in 2006.

With the membership fees, we bought the kayaks and the necessary equipment. We now have a small club storage place where we keep them and reach the Bosphorus.

We regularly organize daily trips at the weekends and longer expeditions during holidays. We also organize trainings as we’re a young club with a considerable number of novices. The kayaks and equipment provided are for BODEKA members usage. However non-members can contribute to the training activities by paying a fee. We try to encourage more members as to improve our standarts with equipment and higher levels of training.

If you are excited about seakayaking at the Bosphorus with us, please contact us. Remember that you don’t need to be an experienced paddler. You only need an open minded view and knowing how to swim to come and join us.

For all further information, please contact: bilgi@bodeka.org

Please find BODEKA’s 2014 Club Annual Report in the link below: